Training Courses

Course 1 - Traffic Control Persons (TCPs) and Signallers (4 hours)

This 4-hour course is for workers who will work as TCPs and/or signallers, for whom training is required under the OHSA regulations. Course 1 covers:

- Provisions of the OHSA and regulations relating to TCPs and signallers
- Book 7 guidelines for TCPs and their application
- Fundamental Principles of Work Zone Safety
- Traffic Control Devices the TCP needs to know
- Objectives of a TCP
- Requirements of a good TCP
- Where a TCP may be used
- Protective Clothing and Equipment
- TCP Procedures and methods
- Safety tips
- Supplements and/or alternatives to TCPs
- Signaller Procedures and methods

A test is given at the end of the course to assess trainees’ comprehension.


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