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Course 2  - Traffic Control Installers and Supervisors (Non-freeways)(1 day)

This 1 day course is for installers (workers) and supervisors who will be responsible for or working on non-freeways only. This course will benefit employers, provincial and municipal road authorities, contractors, engineers, designers, contract administrators, utilities, supervisors, workers, and inspectors.

Course 2 covers:

- Provisions of the OHSA and regulations relating to traffic control in maintenance and construction work zones, as well as to employer, supervisor, and worker responsibilities, and upcoming changes to legislation.
- Driver needs, capabilities, and limitations: Human factors and positive guidance, and their application to work zone traffic control
- Comprehensive training on OTM Book 7 requirements and guidelines applicable to non-freeways

- Purpose & Scope
- Legal authority
- Fundamental principles
- Application of guidelines; recommended best practice
- Rural and urban application of Book 7
- Temporary Work Zone component areas
- Mobile, Very Short Duration, Short Duration and Long Duration Work
- Detours
- Speed Control in Work Zones, including speed control with pilot vehicles
- Pedestrians & Cyclists Traffic Control

- Procedures and methods for Work Zone Traffic Control
- Preparation before beginning work: planning, organization, and design of traffic control
- Traffic Protection Plans: How to develop and implement
- Traffic hazards and protection measures
- Information to include in plan
- Traffic Control Plans; relation with Traffic Protection Plan
- How to reduce risk and liability exposure
- Principles for safe set-up and removal of traffic control
- Step-by-step procedures for safe set-up and removal of traffic control
- Inspection, monitoring, and documentation of work zone traffic control
- Traffic Control with moving vehicles

- Traffic Control Devices: Application
- Signs: Specifications, Installation, Maintenance, sign details
- Channelizing Devices: Cones, barrels, etc
- Barricades and barriers
- Temporary markings and delineation
- Traffic Control Persons & Signallers
- Portable & Temporary Traffic Control Signals
- Quality replacement guidelines for traffic control devices

- Use of Book 7
- Use of Book 7 tables
- Use of Book 7 typical layouts, including set-up and removal
- Application of Book 7 to Low Volume Roads
- Group exercises: non-freeway work zone scenarios
- Photos: discussion of real-life non-freeway set-ups.

A test is given at the end of the course to assess traineesí comprehension. Testing is at two levels: the installerís test (Test 1) and the supervisorís test (Test 3), which is more challenging than the installerís test.


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