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Course 3 - Traffic Control Installers and Supervisors (Non-freeways and Freeways)(2 days)

This 2-day course is for installers (workers) and supervisors who will be responsible for or working on both non-freeways and freeways. For the first day, they will take Course 2 with the non-freeway attendees, and then for the second day they will take an additional module which addresses freeway work (which is essentially Course 4). This course will benefit employers, provincial and municipal road authorities, contractors, engineers, designers, contract administrators, utilities, supervisors, workers, and inspectors, who work on both non-freeways and freeways.

Course 3 covers:

- Differences between non-freeway and freeway work
- Provisions of the OHSA and regulations relating to traffic control in freeway maintenance and construction work zones.
- Comprehensive training on OTM Book 7 requirements and guidelines applicable to freeways:

- Mobile, Very Short Duration, Short Duration and Long Duration Work on freeways
- Detours on freeways
- Speed Control in Freeway Work Zones, including speed control with pace vehicles and rolling closures

- Procedures and methods for Work Zone Traffic Control
- Preparation before beginning work: planning, organization, and design of traffic control on freeways
- Principles for safe set-up and removal of freeway traffic control
- Step-by-step procedures for safe set-up and removal of freeway traffic control
- Traffic Control with moving vehicles

- Traffic Control Devices: Additional Applications for freeways
- Barriers
- Temporary markings and delineation
- Portable Variable Message Signs

- Application of Buffer Vehicles (Crash Trucks)
- Recommended application for stationary and mobile operations
- Practical tips to improve safety and effectiveness

- Use of Book 7
- Use of Book 7 tables, for freeways
- Use of Book 7 typical layouts for freeways, including set-up and removal
- Application of Book 7 to Low Volume Roads
- Group exercises: freeway work zone scenarios
- Photos: discussion of real-life freeway set-ups.

A test is given at the end of the course to assess traineesí comprehension. Testing is at two levels: the installerís test (Test 2) and the supervisorís test (Test 4), which is more challenging than the installerís test.


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